The Gift Of Dance

Let’s Dance!

Have you noticed how popular dancing is again? With the success of the TV show Glee and the launch of the movie Streetdance:3D we are pirouetting and popping like crazy.

We all like to think we can dance well. But in real life, impressive dance moves are usually a step too far. So, ever thought about having dance lessons? They are available in all styles and can be secured in locations across the US.

With one of our gift certificates you could arrange private tuition in Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Connecticut and San Diego.

If there’s one dance that has to go to plan, it’s the one on your wedding day. All your guests are watching, cameras snapping, and yes, they are filming too. Your first dance is one of the only truly intimate moments you will have all day, so you really should put the effort into rehearsals, perhaps even with the help of an expert choreographer.

A wedding dance consultation could be just what you need. If you live in Philadelphia, San Diego or New York, one of our gift certificates could help you avoid each other’s toes and get you to lead off with the right foot.

Old enough to remember Flashdance? Bounced about Breakdance:The Movie? If so, you may prefer watching people busting moves, than battling it out yourself! But if you are just picking up the blend of styles that is hip-hop dancing, and live in Tucson, a few lessons from a professional could teach you a trick or two.

We all know Pittsburgh likes to party. Well, if you thought pole dancing was just about entertainment you were wrong, because in this city you can take pole dancing classes. Pole Fitness is a hotly-developing sport and total body workout, so using one of our certificates, you can give it a spin!