Surfs Up Dude

Surf’s up dude!

The original extreme sport, surfing has a huge following. From the beaches of Australia to the coast of California, people are waiting for that next set, ready to ride what they hope will be the best wave, ever.

Even though it looks cool, it’s actually not that easy, and most people take lessons when they first start.
Key to everything is the ‘takeoff’ – the moment when you match the breaking wave’s speed with your own and get launched forward. From here on you need poise, balance and some real nerve just to stay on.

Ever thought you would give it a try? If it’s to be your first time, we would suggest you take some expert tuition before you jump in with both feet. Surfing is so much fun, although it’s not without its risk factor, so a surf lesson is essential.
A one and a half hour spot will get you prepared to face the ocean and out in the surf. With a gift certificate you could quickly find yourself suited up and ready to go. There’s always the option of doubling up and taking a partner, so this could be part of a special treat for you both.

The surfer havens of San Fransisco, North California, Los Angeles, Portland and San Diego all have lessons on offer, with the longest teaching sessions lasting three hours. But if you prefer a little wind to help you along and live in Miami, you could take kiteboarding classes instead.

Surfing is as cool as it ever was, so grab a board and ride your own wave…