Fab Gifts For Foodies!

foodwinecategoryYou know the type. They post almost every meal to instagram or facebook, and to be honest, most of it looks pretty awesome. They are always throwing dinner parties, they spend more time in the kitchen and the farmers market than anyone you know, and when they go on vacation, they decide on their destination based on the local cuisine and restaurant reviews.

These people are foodies. They are obsessed.  And that’s okay, because not only does it mean that your knowing and loving them means that there’s a good chance they cook for you quite regularly, but it means that you can easily get them a gift they’ll really love, no matter what the occasion. But there are still some caveats, some dos and don’ts that you would do well to follow to make sure you get them the best possible gift. So read on, for our top tips on buying gifts for foodies.

US Graduation 3Tasting experiences. This is foodie heaven. If you are one, you will understand why. If you’re not one, well it’s awesome because it’s about variety and trying lots of flavours and textures in one awesome swoop. It also avoids food-envy which is foodie hell. Whether it’s a tasting tour of their city or an eight course tasting menu of a really nice restaurant near them, this is the gift that food lovers’ dreams are made of.

Food Tasting


Appliances and kitchen stuff. Yes, this is one of the few times that appliances can be an acceptable gift. But proceed with great caution. It must be something cool – it kind of falls into the ‘something they want, not something they need’ category. A mixing bowl, maybe not so much. But a cool new mixer that they’ve wanted, or something quirky and useful like a pasta maker or avocado slicer, that’s ok.

Pizza Tour

This one will work only if you are good enough in the kitchen to pull it off. But if you are, you can try to make/bake them their gift. Obviously the quality matters here; a collapsing sponge cake with lumpy frosting is not going to cut it – but a carefully prepared homemade Holiday Hamper, with chutneys, jams and shortbread can be a lovely way to show you care. To impress even more, stick a bottle of wine in there too. You don’t have to make that.



Depending on the occasion, you can include yourself in the gift too! If you’re getting your other half an anniversary or valentines day gift, then a meal out together is a really lovely idea. It’s not bad for birthdays nd the holidays too, but ideally you want to ger them something just for them on those occasions. Of course, if you have loads of spare cash lying around, a meal out as well as their gift would be greatly appreciated – but try to make the bigger days more about them.

Foodie couples will love gift certificates for restaurants, food tours, or other food related experiences that they can enjoy together. Dinner cruises are always a good choice for a romantic foodie gift, or if you’re a little strapped for cash, you could always make them a picnic to enjoy – do it well, and it will be a truly memorable gift for food lovers in love!

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