Guinness World Record For The Highest Dunk!


We’ve done it! Last month we claimed the official Guinness World Record Title for the Highest Cookie Dunk in the World!

It was a tremendous effort from everyone involved in organising the event. UK Bungee Club‘s Simon Berry was the brave man who did the dunking from a 230ft bungee jump.

We worked closely with the UK Bungee Club, who designed the rig to hold the mug above the water and facilitated the jump. We took it upon ourselves to make sure the dunk was well organised, documented and the perfect mug was found (and meeting Guinness’s strict regulations). With the help of a local pottery studio, we crafted a mug that fit the exact dimensions of the Guinness requirements and decorated it with the British Union Jack flag!


When the day of the event arrived, we travelled up to Bray Lake in Windsor where the event was held. It was a great venue for the dunk and the atmosphere was very exciting. Everyone was keen to help out and see Simon break the record. With the help of Yorkshire Tea and McVities cookies, we had a large cookie supply and plenty of tea to drink, to keep us fed and warm!

We started the day by setting up the cameras and decorating the bungee cage that Simon was due to jump out of with Guinness banners and Union Jack flags. One of the best parts of the day was the fact that we could live-stream the footage on our iPad, meaning we could see exactly what Simon was seeing from his headcam as he jumped!


After a few attempts, everyone was getting more and more nervous, Simon was getting closer and closer each time. On the tenth attempt, the record was broken! Everyone jumped out of their seats and cheered as Simon came down from the bungee. Not only were we ecstatic that he had broken the record, but we could also see the relief and happiness on Simon’s face as he came down – the pressure was officially off!

The event went really well, and the British weather held out! Thankfully it was sunny all day, and the moment the World Record was broken and we started packing up, the rain started to pour- so it was meant to be!



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