History of Driving Experiences

A History of Driving.. Experiences

The motorcar is part of our culture. Period. And while we recognize we may need to look more at fuel efficiency, it won’t be at the expense of style. The US developed the first mass produced car in the Ford Model T. Subsequent cars then evolved to suit our lifestyles, to take us on longer journeys and to indulge our love of speed.

There’s nothing smoother than riding in a Cadillac, one of the many iconic US brands to still be producing cars. So of all the glorious cars made stateside, which were the finest?

Sports car fans will debate this question all night, but up there has to be the Pontiac Firebird Trans AM, the Ford Gran Torino, and the legendary Ford Mustang.

But it’s not just the racers that are cool; some of our family cars are also real design classics. Take the Chevy Bel Air and the Dodge AMC Pacer for starters.

Off-road is really our road, after all Jeep started it with its lightweight Willys Jeep for the military. Since then, 4×4’s have got bigger, faster and more impressive. Now it’s the Humvee that is leading the world in luxury off-road wagons.

That’s the beauty of the motorcar: there’s so many to choose from! So when it comes to surprising a friend have you ever thought to get them a driving experience?

Our driving gift certificates cover off-road adventures in Nevada’s Valley of Fire, and even laps in a NASCAR racer at various locations across the country.

And if that’s not fast enough, you could instead choose for them a ride in a fire-breathing dragster! There are also dune buggy rides, kart races and the opportunity to lap in a Corvette, testing their driving skills to the limit.

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