NASCAR Experiences Change

NASCAR: Is it ready for change?

When any sport looks to make changes, inevitably there will be people who object and NASCAR racing is no exception.

So the news that NASCAR Chairman Brian France has said alterations are coming has got the tongues wagging.

Brian France is the grandson of the sport’s founder, Bill France, and is somewhat of a legend in the sport, having taken over from his father, Bill France Jr back in 2003.

Nevertheless, the list of possible changes is radical and could see some protest from both pit lane and race stand; it has been reported that he’s looking at getting rid of drivers, expanding the current field and bringing in a new points system.

Basically, he wants to spice things up a little and “bring out more winning moments, the big moments that happen in sports”.

Adding teams could help, although there is an on-going concern that less experienced drivers will go a whole season without a win, and not add to the current high level of competitiveness.

Currently, the 2010 season is just past its mid-point. By the final race on November 21 at Homestead Miami Speedway, we should all have a clearer picture of what the future holds for NASCAR drivers and fans.

But, if you know someone who follows the season closely, there are ways you can get them closer to the action: They can jump in and have from three laps, all the way up to sixty circuits at locations across the US! And there are plenty of tracks that have these offers: Talladega Suprerspeedway, Michigan International Speedway, and Dover International Speedway, to name just a few.

And for race fans who want more than just to ride shotgun, it’s even possible they could gun the throttle themselves and take the wheel of a 600hp NASCAR!

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