Outdoor Adventure USA

Outdoor USA

When they finish work, most people look forward to a restful weekend. Feet up in front of the TV, a little home improvement, perhaps a trip to the mall? Although for others, there could be nothing worse than wasting such precious time indoors, when there’s the great outdoors to be enjoyed.

The US can be divided into ten distinct geological regions, and it’s thanks to this diversity, we can enjoy just about every natural environment there is.

Where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada meets the Pacific coast, and even in the most barren of deserts, there are adventures to be had.

So if you are thinking about buying a gift certificate for ‘the outdoor type’ you’ll have plenty of experiences to choose from!

After receiving their gift certificate they could find themselves zip-lining through the treetops of East Texas, or white-water rafting at a number of locations across the states.

Because of our great coastlines, we can easily get in the water and learn kayaking, snorkeling, wakeboarding, sailing…the list goes on. There’s every conceivable water sport on offer, and not all need be physically demanding; you could gift a relaxed Airboat ride around the central Florida Everglades, for example.

Inland, the range of sporting and leisure opportunities is equally tremendous: A Jeep tour of Sedona, private rock climbing in Palm Springs or saltwater fly fishing in New York; there really is a gift experience here for everyone.

If you are looking to surprise a friend or relative, then have them leave the ground far behind with an airborne adventure. These are great for people who have no previous experience as they include glider rides and tandem discovery flights.

Fun and adventure, it’s out there!