It’s less than a week until Thanksgiving!


With Thanksgiving less than a week away, we’re sure the preparations are well under way. However, if you’re slightly more relaxed and the type of person that often leaves things until the last minute, then we’ve put together this blog just for you! To help you avoid that last minute panic we’ve composed a list of our top gifts for him and her this Thanksgiving.

If you’re not a master chef in the kitchen, but it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner for all the family, then take a bit of the pressure off yourself and purchase one of our cooking course experiences. There’s no better way to brush up on your cooking skills than by learning from the professionals! With lots of classes to choose from, you might decide to try something slightly different this Thanksgiving, whatever you decide we’re sure you’re going to make a dish that will impress all your guests!

You can take a look at all the cooking classes we offer here.

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Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect gift for her this Thanksgiving and need a little inspiration. If so we’ve got it covered!
Every woman likes to feel beautiful, so what better way to let her know how gorgeous she is than by treating her to a boudoir photo shoot. These photo shoot experiences are designed to let your inner beauty shine, and capture you looking natural and gorgeous. If you think this is an experience she would enjoy, you can see the full list of boudoir photography experiences here.

If she’s slightly camera shy then perhaps a dance experience will be more up her street. Every woman loves to dance, however may not have her footwork down to a T. So what better way to learn than by treating her to a professional dance class? Plus this experience will benefit the two of you, as she will need someone to practice her moves with later on!

View all the dance classes we have on offer here.

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If you’re looking for the perfect gift for him, then spoil him this Thanksgiving and make all his dreams come true with a driving day experience!

We all know how much boys love their cars (sometimes a little too much), so picture the smile on his face when he finds he’s going to be racing round the track in a Ferrari – I think for a lot of men that’s called living the dream!
With driving days being some of our most popular experiences, we have plenty of variety to choose from.

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If he’s already been lucky enough to experience a driving day, then the next best thing is of course a beer tasting experience! Everyone knows that a man’s second favourite activity after driving is drinking, and with that in mind we’ve got a lot of drinking experiences for you to choose from.
Whether they want to learn all about the history of beer making on a brewery tour, or want to try their hand at making their own beer in a master class workshop, they’re bound to have a fantastic time!
Check out our beer tasting experiences here.

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So there we have it, our official gift guide to Thanksgiving. If only preparing Thanksgiving dinner was as simple as an Experience Days gift certificate!

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