I am a notoriously bad gift-giver when it comes to my mom. I always tend to forget about Mother’s Day and I often wonder what that signifies: am I just a rotten son, or are there other reasonable explanations for my poor behavior? I for one happen to think that there are. First of all, my mother is extremely unique. She is both a practicing engineer and lawyer, with an opinion and consideration for nearly every facet of life.
All this translates into some very complicated gift expectations for me. I do have the benefit of knowing my mother well, a knowledge which I admittedly don’t use often enough. But for this reason, I know that typical Mother’s Day gifts such as flowers, although they can be quite wonderful, won’t do for my mom.
If I want to buy her flowers, they can’t be roses because she prefers flower varieties that last longer. I happen to know as well that she favors Gardenias and Impatients because her mother planted them often, and decorated her kitchen with them. So why have I done so poorly with Mother’s Day gifts in the past? I attest to a lack of resources and a lack of time.
I’ve lived with the realization that in order to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, I would have to spend hours searching through annals of specialty shops and services, and end up having to settle for something less than perfect. But this time around, I’m committed to a different approach to Mother’s Day gift giving, and luckily for me I have the ideal resource.
Experience Days seems like it was taylor made for my mom. Instead of having to pour through generic, impersonal gift ideas for who knows how much time, their site has got me wondering which gift would suit my mom best! Gifts such as the In-Home Spa Package are ideal for my mom due to her notorious quirkiness.
She is constantly saying she wants to relax more and needs a massage but refuses to leave the house for it. I can’t tell you how many Spa certificates my mom hasn’t used. The New York Scenic Tea Cruise for two is another great gift for my mom for a number of reasons. The main reason is that she loves tea, but Experience Days has included fact information about the cruise that I likely would not have found elsewhere, fact information that happens to be crucial, if you know my mom. 
Experience Days cites the Palisades as a highlight of the cruise. To someone else, this information might seem trivial, but I know my mom. I know that she used to visit the Palisades as a child, and raised me to have a heightened appreciation of the canyon’s unique beauty.
The In House Day Spa and New York Scenic Tea Cruise are examples of thoughtful, personal, and convenient Mother’s Day Gifts. In the past, I’ve failed on one, two, or all of these aspects in choosing gifts for mom. Luckily for me, Experience days has done most of the work for me, and when the day comes, the thoughtfulness will be all mine.

Peter Res