A Mother’s Ideal Gift, an Experience to Remember.

As the mother of a twelve year old girl, I am one of the lucky group of women who will be honored on Mother’s Day. I’m sure my daughter and husband will consult with each other about what I might want, and perhaps they will consider offering me something new – an experience gift. While I completely enjoy getting the traditional presents of flowers, candy, and a new dress, I would also welcome the gift of an experience to share with my family. Most of the mothers I know enjoy nothing more than a day shared doing something special with their families. Creating a beautiful memory together can be a wonderful choice for a Mother’s Day gift.

What kinds of experiences might a mother enjoy? The list is wide and varied, and ExperienceDays.com offers some lovely choices for unique gifts for mothers. The following list gives only a few of them:

  • Lunch Brunch or Dinner Cruise in NYC’s harbor – a lovely time to share with Mom food, music, and the view of Manhattan.
  • A Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Catskill Mountains – what could be more amazing!
  • A New York Spa Experience, leaving Mom relaxed after an hour of professional massage.

    These are just a few examples of unique experience gifts available on the website of ExperienceDays.com. Besides having the fun of sharing this kind of experience with her family, a typical mother will also enjoy the indulgent quality of this kind of gift. How many of us moms take the time to do something like ride in helicopter over Manhattan or take a cooking class on how to create Sushi? However, in our hearts we would completely enjoy the unexpected and unique character of an unforgettable experience gift of this kind. Sharing it with my family would be the most important part of the gift for me, as it would for most moms.

    In fact, people in general, not just mothers, get an enormous pleasure out of a happy and significant experience, more than they do from a material gift. In a recent article published by the American Psychological Association, studies revealed that “experiential purchases make people happier than material purchases,” and the authors conclude their article with the injunction: “Both individuals and communities would thus do well to heed the slogan of the Center for the New American Dream: ‘More fun, less stuff!’. We moms are especially inclined to enjoy the creation of beautiful memories with our families, even more than we might enjoy a new blouse or a bottle of perfume.

    So, take your mom on a Central Park walk, led by author Sara Cedar Miller, or accompany her on a Central Florida Gourmet Dinner Train, or enjoy with her a Galveston Bay Sail, or any of the other interesting choices available. From my perspective as a mom, I often remember the experience of what we did on Mother’s Day longer than I recall a particular present, though I do always appreciate those too. If you want to do something different and very special for your mother this year, consider giving your mom an experience instead of material gift for Mother’s Day. You and she will never forget it.

    Article by Experience Days Staff Writter & Professor Nancy Enright

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