‘On Location Tours Interview’ in Manhattan

PicMonkey CollageWe interviewd the President of ‘On Location Tours’– Georgette Blau to find out more about who they are! The Tours offer an exciting look at exclusive celeb hot spots and famous movie locations (you’ll be sure to recognise a few!) in one of the East Coast’s hottest Tourist attractions!

central-park-themall-250x2881) Please explain a little about the history of ‘On Location Tous’. Where did an interest in the industry stem from?

When I realized that my first apartment in New York City was a stone’s throw from where The Jeffersons lived, I had an a-ha moment and began scouting other New York City locations that had been used in filming TV shows and movies. I started exploring other locations around the city and realized there was a great opportunity. I was already passionate about television shows and movies so I took that love of both and created On Location Tours.

I have seven full-time employees and about 50 tour guides between all three cities.

Cupcakes2) How did a passion for TV and Movie sightseeing tours turn into a career?

I wasn’t born into this industry. When I started to do my research and realized there wasn’t a company offering a locations tour, I took that as a sign. I’ve been doing it ever since; 16 years now.



friends pic3) Do you have any exclusive information you can share with us?

In 1999, I started the company with just one tour. Today we currently run eight different bus tours and one walking tour in NYC. We also run two tours in Boston and private tours in Washington, D.C. Shows like Sex and the City, The Sopranos and Gossip Girl helped grow our business by leaps and bounds. By using NYC as a backdrop we could create tours specifically around the locations featured on those shows, thereby creating interest from viewers around the world.

GG-macarons-webres-250x1994) What makes ‘On Location Tours’ experiences unique and special for customers?

People catch their first glimpse of NYC, Boston and D.C. through the television shows and movies they watch. For many it’s what drives them to make a trip to those cities. We offer customers the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of their favorite TV & movie characters providing a unique one-of-a-kind experience. All our tours highlight some of the most popular locations featured on the big & small screens. Our tour guides are all local actors giving an insider’s perspective on what filming is like in those cities.

Sopranos-Content15) What’s your most frequently asked question from customers?

Is this really where Jennifer Aniston lives [in reference to the Friends building]? How do the celebrities get around? Do they go rooftop to rooftop in helicopters?


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