Outdoor Experiences to do in celebration of Earth Day


The 22nd of April marked the world’s 45th Earth Day anniversary. And this year could be the most exciting year in environmental history, yet! There has been a noticeable shift in in an awareness of economic growth and sustainability of the environment.

That’s why in order to celebrate this progression we, at Experience Days, want to show you some of our best experiences which commemorate nature at its best, in the great outdoors!

Zipline-Texas_300x240Embark on East Texas’ only environmentally-friendly zip line and canopy tour…soar above the rocky hillside, over one of the highest elevations in the state. Swing, in true monkey-style, from one tree to another, crossing six zip line runs – the longest being more than 900ft and over 100ft above the ground! See over 30 miles of breath taking views, of the beautiful East Texas Countryside. Trust us, nothing will feel as good as the crisp, clear air of the sunny state passing through your lungs on this gaspingly exciting experience.

Sailing-In-San-Francisco_300x240Sail into the depths of San Francisco Bay with a two hour sailing lesson for beginners. The lesson will take place on a six-person skippered charter boat – with the vessel spanning 10,000 square feet. The experience begins by meeting your Captain and then it’s “all aboard”! The lesson will cover all basic concepts of sailing, including manoeuvring and tacking around the waters. The feeling of the cool sea breeze in your hair and the salty taste on your lips will be sure to have you returning to the ocean once more!

Boston-Paddleboarding-Lessons_300x240Paddle boarding is a relaxing new watersport, straight from the shores of Hawaii…and what better way to enjoy it then on the still waters of Charles Lake, Boston, Massachusetts? Participants can hope to learn various standing techniques, paddling, board manoeuvring and more! The lesson will include tuition by your friendly instructor, who will cover water safety and SUP etiquette as well as introducing you to all of the necessary equipment.  The experience is extremely therapeutic and is perfect if you are hoping to try a new hobby or are looking for a unique gift. Bask under the sun and glide through calm waters in this 90 minute introduction to SUP Paddle boarding – appropriate for all skill levels.

seven_caves_300x240Summer in California is renowned as one of the best experiences in ‘the golden state’ – with the warm sunshine and turquoise ocean, it is certainly a paradise like no other. So why not explore the beautiful sea cliffs and La Jolla Ecological Reserve which is abundant with marine life on a two hour kayak tour? You will paddle your way over to Sunny Jims cave, Arch Cave, Clams Cave and other sea caves for an incredible tour, surrounded by sandstone formations across the shore.  Expect some eager sea life awaiting your arrival; with harbour seals, sea lions and orange garbibaldi fish swimming alongside! If this wasn’t enough, you will kayak through an enchanting underwater kelp forest, home to an array of marine life – including the occasional school of dolphins!

Finally we wish you a Happy Arbor Day!…from the Latin ‘arbor’, meaning tree,  this holiday encourages individuals and groups to plant and care for trees. So truly rejoice in all Mother Nature has to offer, this weekend and treat yourself or a loved one to a voucher that glorifies this gloriously green season!

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“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children.”- Theodore Roosevelt.

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