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Romantic Gondola Cruises

Finding the best romantic gesture, ever…

With an anniversary coming up or just a special dinner date, it’s sometimes hard to come up with a unique romantic gesture. Flowers are fantastic, there’s no denying that. But while a bountiful bouquet can impress, you do run the danger of picking the wrong flowers; you may think it is fine to choose carnations, don’t send them to just anyone: in Germany they are graveyard flowers!

Zany surprises can prove problematic. On one hand you could surprise and enchant, but on the other you really could make a fool of yourself.

You can’t go far wrong with a candlelit meal, though it doesn’t demonstrate true originality. So considering this, and the perils and merits of the other options, perhaps what’s need is a combination?

Well, we think we’ve the answer: Imagine sipping wine and enjoying fine food with the partner of your dreams, softly drifting into the evening on a gondola cruise.

Can there be another form of transport as romantic, as authentic or as indulgent? Surely not? And you don’t have to fly to Venice to find them. We’ve plenty of gondolas in the US, so why not look forward to enjoying a Los Angeles Dinner Cruise for two, or similar experience nearer home?

With a gondola dinner cruise you can take time to savor exquisite food and revel in each other’s company. You can also combine this special pairing of food and love in Las Vegas or Dallas.

And if you’d rather enjoy food off the water, you could enjoy the gondola cruise as your aperitif. We have an answer: Gondola cruises could be the best romantic gesture, ever…