Experience Champagne With The Most Bubbles

Can you pour the perfect bubbly?

Wine comes in a multitude of varieties. There’s Grenaches. Semillons, Liebfraumilchs, Cabernets, the list goes on. But perhaps the greatest of grapes is from Champagne.

But just how do you pour the perfect glass of bubbly? After all, what’s the point in the years of dedication put into growing a great grape, if you can’t get it into your glass?

Well, according to French scientists, the optimum way to get your celebratory glass of Champagne into a glass and tasting good is to tilt the glass.

It’s the first time that this art has been investigated in such detail, and it’s little surprise the findings come from French academics – they should know, Champagne originates from a French region with the same name.

The source of such succor are the towns of Reims and Epernay. Here wines are slowly matured in chalk pits, before enjoying a second fermentation that releases carbon dioxide, which in turn creates the bubbles.

But let’s be clear: there is no monopoly on Champagne. Some fantastic wines also come out of California, just under slightly different names, such as ‘Californian Champagne’.

So back to the pouring: Pouring your bubbly into an angled champagne glass preserves up to twice as much fizz as pouring it in straight.

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