Take A Swing At Golf

Take A Swing At Golf

The new president plays, top CEOs play, as well as countless celebrities and sports personalities. So what is it with golf and why the enduring attraction?

There appears to be some agreement that the game was first developed in Scotland. King James II of Scotland made a point of banning it along with football in 1457, so that archery could be practiced.

Well, the ban never lasted, and the practice of getting the ball into a hole – rather than using it to hit a target as practiced in Holland – soon returned.

The game we see played today over 18 holes is largely unchanged from the first rounds played in 1744, when the first set of official rules were laid down.

Thanks to the performances of its professionals, the US has dominated world golf. The keenest fought team competitions are between the US and UK in the Ryder Cup. Here, legends, such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, have chipped and pitched their way to international success.

If you are looking for a gift for a colleague who harbors aspirations to be a business executive, this is the sporting gift certificate for you: executives love playing golf! It’s a great way to bring clients together, and it’s played at your own pace. It’s also a patient game, one that requires skill and power, but in the right measure and at the correct time.

So whether they fancy their chances for Ryder Cup selection, or just want to improve their game, golf lessons can only help.

Lessons are available in Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco, and delivered both indoors and out, there’s no better way to help them improve their handicap.