Fishing Experiences – Hook, Line and Sinker

Fishing Experiences – Hook, Line and Sinker

‘Hook, line and sinker’, ever heard this expression? Well, language fans will be tell you it means that you’ve been taken/convinced all the way, like a fish taking the bait, but also the fishing line and even the weight.

These three elements, plus a rod and a little patience, are all you need to catch fish. That said, to be successful you also require considerable skill and knowledge.

While we have been catching fish in large nets since the earliest of days, tempting an individual fish to take bait for sport is relatively new.

Successful freshwater fishing depends very much on location, and it’s the experienced and most knowledgeable people who find the best spots.

And back to the skill: Dropping a worm in the water will get you nowhere; the most delicate of touches is what’s needed. This is the art of fly-fishing: A technique to tease and tempt freshwater fish to the surface using intricately woven ‘flies’. These are made to dance and skit on the water’s surface, drawing the fish ever closer.

It takes time to learn. If you’ve a friend who loves the outdoors but has yet to master the skill, then it could be time for a lesson or two. There are two-hour casting sessions near Seattle and Denver, as well as half and-full day experiences to be had around the country.

‘There’s more fish in the sea’, indeed there is. And if you live near the coast then maybe look to a sport fishing adventure in Noah Bay or Puget Sound.

Perhaps a gift certificate can help secure your friend or partner some professional tuition, or get them to the best spot? This way, you won’t have to listen any more ‘one that got away stories’, instead, you’ll see the proof!