Try a Hang Gliding Experience

Hang Gliding Experiences

We developed powered flight by watching the skills of birds, by imitating their wing designs and by producing enough thrust to launch skyward. But true flight is less about power, and more about hot air. It’s about harnessing natural thermals – pockets of rising warm air – just watch a bird, they really have the skill perfected.

Watching is all very well, but to really feel the freedom of the skies, what’s needed is a leap of faith and a hang glider. These ultra-light wings are the closest we humans get to real flight.

If you know someone with a love of flight, not just for planes and jets, but the wonder of flight, this could be an unbeatable gift experience.

For the absolute novice, the best way to reach for the skies is to take a tandem flight. The experience is pretty much the same as solo flight, but you are safe in the hands of qualified pilot/instructor.

Tandem flights are available in New Hampshire, Chattanooga, Phoenix and San Francisco. And for someone who might like to try it on their own, there are always hang gliding lessons. These help you take your first steps and first breaths, flying free like a bird.

Austin, Richmond, and Wisconsin all have centers that will give you, or the recipient of a gift certificate, this special opportunity.

There’s also a motorized version of the sport. And while the motor takes away some of the serenity experienced in hang gliding flight, it adds more flexibility. You could be taking off in Austin, Spokane, and in San Francisco for the flight of your life – the pilot can always cut the engine once you are airborne, and then you can soar like an eagle.

Hang gliding is a great idea for an adventurous friend. Perhaps it’s what they always wanted to do, but just needed some encouragement? Well, now’s your chance…help them realize their dreams.