Sailing Experience Unique Gifts

Sailing Experience Unique Gifts

A little more than 390 years ago the Mayflower left Portsmouth for ‘the new world’. The ship’s arrival on the east coast, at what would later become Princeton, Massachusetts, is a defining moment in our history.

Sailing is an age-old skill. In the case of the Mayflower, it helped discover new worlds, and to this day it is the source of much sporting fun and competition between countries. So, what better way to rekindle a love for the water and its ways than through a sailing experience?

This summer you could be setting sail on a schooner or settling on deck to enjoy the view from a skippered craft. Once you learn your port from your starboard, you’ll soon get underway. Trips aboard a tall ship will prove more nostalgic, while a sail on a racing boat more invigorating.

Have you ever wanted to sail the fastest racing craft? Well, fans of the America’s Cup races can even get aboard the competition boats Abracadabra or Stars and Stripes – it’s a rare chance to see just how the race-winning teams sail.

Is sailing something you always wanted to try? There are boating sessions on offer on both coasts, and at many lakes in between. Imagine the views aboard an 80′ schooner as it sails around New York harbor?

And if you prefer life on the open waves, to voyages on lakes and inland waters, look no further. There’s even a trip in Key West that sets sail in time for shipmates to enjoy the sunset – helping to keep your love life in ship shape.

If you have always wanted to sail, or are a seasoned seadog looking to awaken your love of the seas, a sailing gift certificate
is a great way to fulfill that dream.