Top Gift for a Top Gun

Top Gift for a Top Gun

Successful military campaigns usually begin with the air war. So, long before the ground troops roll into action, pilots and navigators have been dueling it out in the skies.

These fighter aces may have a more glamorous role than the soldier on the ground, but it’s no less demanding.

Not long after the Wright brothers got off the ground at Kitty Hawk, Arizona, military experts began experimenting with planes. By the late 1940s, combat aircraft were flying as fighters, bombers and reconnaissance planes, even taking off from aircraft carriers at sea.

It was at this time the US Air Force developed planes that wrote their own chapters in combat aviation history: The P-38 Lightning, Grumman F3F, P-51 Mustang and so many more.

Could you handle a fighter plane in a dogfight, how would you react under the stress and strain of air combat? Well, there are several ways you can find out, and all of them are safe, and fun too!

From a day in a B-17 Aviator, to an air combat session for two, there are loads of missions to choose from. More relaxing airtime is to be had in the vintage aircraft, but for those of you who want it fast and furious, perhaps the dogfight missions are best.

Now, if you’ve a relative or friend that’s forever playing flight simulators, you could help take their experience to the next level and consider using our gift certificates for a session in the latest simulator? No mouse this time, just a high-performance virtual experience, enjoyed while strapped into a pilot’s seat.

Perhaps there’s someone you know who might really enjoy a flight back in time, or a partner who always wanted to pilot a fast jet? Thanks to our gift certificates, it’s even easier for them to be the top gun.