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Boston Experience Gifts

There’s a tradition in Boston which reflects the Christmas sentiments of generosity and sharing: Every year, a tree is donated to the city by Nova Scotiachristmas , to say thanks for the Hub’s help when Halifax Harbor was devastated by an explosion 40 years ago.

Christmas is all about routine – if you’ve ever gone away from home and had an unconventional Christmas, you’ll know how much you can miss the traditional festivities.

So this year, if you are keeping it local, take a look at gifts that celebrate living in Boston: Keeping it in the city there’s gourmet brunch cruises and all manner of meals aboard boats in Boston Harbor; you could even get a friend out on a working boat, to enjoy sailing, instead of feasting.

With the Christmas meal over, it could soon be time for one of your friends to start their own journey into gastronomy. Cooking lessons could be just what they need to get them up to standard – just in time to do the cooking next year!

And to go with it, they could also pick up some wine making skills – the festivities for 2011 are looking good already!

The best way to get your Bostonian relative excited is to get them in the air. Helicopter flights are a fabulous way to see the New Hampshire countryside, off-set by Boston’s towering skyline.

Now if you know someone who wants to take the controls, there are always opportunities for them to start flight training. And if you want to share the experience, you could watch the sun set with your lover, as it brings another day in Boston to a close.

There’s no escaping it: Christmas is best done from home. So let’s keep the tradition going and Nova Scotia, keep those trees coming!

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