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Where there’s a beach, there’s a way, and the residents of Miami know all too well that Christmas brings sun and not snow. Here you have a city on the edge of the ocean, so when the festive season comes Miamians put in extra effort to enjoy the festive story, despite not having reindeer of their own.

The newest of the US major cities is infused with Cuban influences, it’s a place filled with character and bathed in winter sunlight.

So, while a gift of a cookery course could get the creative juices flowing, it’s to the great outdoors you should look for the really interesting Christmas gifts.

Flying over West Palm Beach is the only way you’ll get to see the entire coastline, as it leads south to Miami and the crystalline waters of the Florida Keys.

The Southern Florida coastline can also be seen at a slower pace, with a balloon ride, as it rises slowly into the clear, warm, winter skies.

There’s few people living in Miami that have never taken to the water; hardly surprising given the miles of beaches and temperatures that rarely dip below 60C.

For the sporty relative consider getting them some kiteboarding lessons. And for a real treat, there’s always a classic boat or two to sail into the sunset.

Again taking things outside, you’ll have noticed the odd-looking Segways rolling around town. What better way to transit than on an environmentally-friendly two-wheeler, taking in views of the Miami River, the Scottish Rite Masonry Building and the waterfront parks?

In Miami you can easily enjoy your Christmas outside without the need for snowshoes; here a white Christmas is on a white sand beach, not in a snowstorm.

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