Williamsburg Food Tour

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This Williamsburg Food walking tour is an ideal gift for anyone with a love of food and authentic Brooklyn culture. The tour begins in Eastern Williamsburg, a multi-ethnic area, with a predominantly Latin-American and Hispanic community. The diversity of cultures runs through the heart of the market, pushcarts and stalls alike.



Nat and I met the group and our tour guide- Cindy at Princesa Bakery and Restaurant at 11.00am. We were warmly greeted with sweet tea and coffee and Puerto Rican baked goods, to make a delicious breakfast.






Cindy, our tour guide, personified the rich charm of Williamsburg and offered a unique personal experience, with humour and interesting anecdotes along the way. The raw roots and rich cultural heritage of Williamsburg were truly exposed and celebrated during this exploration of Brooklyns’ hidden gems, with the tour built around interviews with neighbourhood residents and local business owners.






Cindy’s food expertise was apparent from the palate of rich exotic flavours that we tasted on the tour – from the colourful flavours of Caribbean patties, to the weird but wonderful pungency of cactuses. The natural character of Williamsburg entranced us throughout, with its unusual idiosyncrasies including a real Banksy painting on route, as well as its rich history, dating back to the 1930s.




After visiting a Mexican supermarket, we were taken to Moore Street Market – built in 1941, marking the end of the pushcart era, today it is a hub for the Spanish speaking community. The market offers a veritable gathering of Latin American and Caribbean delicacies including my personal favourite; churros! Immediately, upon entering the market, we were engulfed by the rich aromas of the food.




Cindy clearly had a genuine interest not only in the culture of the neighbourhood but also of each individual business owner who she had clearly built a lovely friendship with over time.






Nat and I were above all were overwhelmed with the generosity of each vendor, as they gave us huge food portions to taste. We had so much left over that we had to take some home…so I’d advise that you arrive with an empty stomach! You will leave with a new appreciation of Williamsburg and a craving to taste the authenticities of Latin America once more.





The whole day gave me a new perspective of Williamsburg and is perfect for any of you fabulous foodies and culture vultures alike. Thank you Cindy!




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