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I recently flew across the pond to visit the Big Apple on vacation. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to partake in some of the exciting experiences we sell with our American sister- Experience Days.

The RIDE is like nothing I have ever seen before; operating as a moving theatre, the bus will guide you on a journey through Times Square and midtown Manhattan, where passengers can expect to see a host of theatrical performances in this unique moving show. The audience watches the tour in a cinematic experience facing sideways to look out through the floor to ceiling glass windows, allowing a panoramic viewpoint that allows the viewer to see New York in a whole new perspective.

Nat and I met our group outside 42nd street at 8th Avenue right outside Chevy’s Mexican Restaurant. The bus was hard to miss and we were shortly welcomed on board! Our tour guides for the evening were Jackie and Scott- both made the whole ride extremely entertaining, bouncing off each other to form a hilarious comedy duo.

The tour lasts 75 minutes and is half a theatrical show and half a tour bus. It was a combination of historical attractions stopping at New York’s most popular landmarks as well as a glance at the pure talent of some true New Yorker performers. First stop was Times Square where we were wished a ‘Happy New Year’ by our first performer of the night; I don’t want to spoil all the acts as most are dressed as regular pedestrians so keep your eyes peeled! Due to the set – up of the bus which includes stadium seating, 40 monitors, 3000 LED lights & surround sound, making the ride really stand out (especially at night). One of the most exciting parts of watching the acts unfold before us were passerby’s own reactions who were equally as surprised as us!

There was a lot of audience interaction and we were made to feel immediately at ease throughout the tour. The whole tour is extremely stimulating and consists of a talented ensemble of singers, dancers, musicians, actors and rappers so you will be sure to find something of interest whatever your preference!  This experience is a rarity in that it is appropriate for all ages and would be perfect for the whole family.

Thank you so much The RIDE for such an energetic and engaging fun journey through NYC. Nat and I note it as our favorite experience in NYC and I would not hesitate to recommend this experience to anyone visiting or staying in New York.

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