Buying Gifts for Couples: A ‘How to’ Guide

ExperienceGiftsForCouples headerBuying gifts for couples is not always the easiest thing to do. Unless they’re immediate family, there’s a good chance that you know one of them a little more than you know the other, an obstacle that many people meet when buying for couples. Then there are those couples that exemplify the old saying that ‘opposites attract’. They have little in common; maybe he’s obsessed with golf but she loves cycling. Finding that common ground so that both of them appreciate your gift can take some fine tuning and a little preparation! But even if they are as different as chalk and cheese, there are a few simple tips that should steer you along the right path and ensure the happy couple are even happier after they receive your gift!

Oregon-Wine-Tasting_300x240When is it ok to buy a gift for a couple, rather than one each? Well, obviously, engagements, weddings and anniversaries are all perfect occasions – in fact, it would be weird not to get them a couple’s gift. But what about Christmas and birthdays? Well, we say if it’s the holidays, go for it – but be careful if it’s a birthday. A birthday is about one person only, and they are the ones who should be getting the gifts. If you do find something ‘for two’, you can give it to the birthday boy or girl and let them make the decision to share it with their partner (or they might pick you, if you’re lucky!).

Mineapolis-Food-Tour_300x240If you only know one of them, or you can’t think of any shared hobbies or interests they have, go for fool-proof gifts. You may know for certain that she’s an avid hiker or he’s a keen photographer, but if you’re not sure whether their partners share their passion, play it safe. Choose something that you can be pretty sure they’ll both like – a gift certificate for a dinner, or something food/wine related is usually a surefire winner – everybody eats!

If you do know both of them, and well, and you know that there is something they like to do together -well, you’ve kind of hit the jackpot. Get them something related to that. Don’t let budget discourage you too much either – if they both love horse-riding, you don’t have to get them a pony! But an hour-long trek that they can enjoy together would be a perfect – and affordable – choice

Florida-Sailing_300x240If it’s a big occasion – a wedding or a 50th or 60th wedding anniversary, you might want to go a little bigger with your gift. If that’s the case, but you are working to a budget, it can be a good idea to get together with a few other people to buy something really special. If your parents have a big anniversary coming up, get in touch with any siblings, and see if they’d like to go in on the gift with you. It’s the perfect way to turn three smaller tokens into one unforgettable gift.