Evie in America; Part 3


Sadly, my time in Colorado had to eventually come to an end… That said, my last couple of days were my favorite – so have a look below to see what I finished the week doing!


Day 6: Tubing the Yampa River and Rodeo

My first glimpse at Steamboat weekend life was everything I thought it would be; extremely relaxed, gloriously sunny, and featuring a lot of beer! On the Saturday we checked out the incredible Mustang display in town, then drove up to the Yampa River and inflated our tubes for an afternoon of gentle cruising. The difficult part was getting into the tube, but once you’re settled it’s easy sailing, you just let the current carry you along the water, meeting people as you go and snoozing in the sunshine. Bliss! Getting out of the tube was also somewhat difficult, and probably the least graceful thing I’ve ever done, but we managed to drag them over the bank and went back to Sunpie’s for a few more drinks. In the evening I was introduced to my very first rodeo, which was like nothing I’d ever seen before!



Day 7: Brunch at Creekside Café and Paddleboarding

My final day started in the best possible way, with an enormous breakfast from the famous Creekside Café! Michelle ordered the waffle with blueberries and bacon on the side, whereas I went for the signature breakfast burrito – then we cut them in half and shared, so we got the best of both! Even though I felt like I needed to sleep for a week after that meal, time was of the essence, so we drove up to a serene lake in the mountains, and I had my first go at paddleboarding (so, so much harder than it looks). After a beautiful morning, it was unfortunately time to say goodbye and catch my flight home.



I had an absolutely fantastic time in Colorado and can’t thank Michelle enough for having me! Hopefully she enjoyed it as well, and won’t be against the idea of me visiting again in the future… But for now, I’ll have to make do with the English weather and all the UK Experience Days has to offer.

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