Exciting Gifts for Dallasites!

Dallas HeaderIf you’re looking for a great gift for the Dallasite in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Here at ExperienceDays.com, while we really don’t like to stereotype by city we’re definitely aware that there are certain things that are true of many people from different parts of the United States. Examples? Ok – lots of people from LA like to eat healthy and work out. People from Baltimore tend to like eating crab. New Yorkers don’t like to waste time.

These mini-stereotypes are nothing too controversial, and nothing that we think you should follow instead of actually thinking about the individual you’re buying a gift for – but they can certainly help guide you in your quest for a perfect gift. So read on, to read our tips for buying awesome gifts for Dallasites!

NASCAR-RACING-TRACK-DAY_300x240Cowboys stuff. If they like sports, and they’re from Dallas, they love the Cowboys. If they don’t love the Cowboys, you might have an imposter on your hands. But really, whether you get them some Cowboys clothing or tickets to a game (season tickets if you’re feeling really flash), you can’t go wrong with football. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to be able to gift someone with a Cowboys cheerleader, no matter how hard they wish for it…

Dallasites tend to have a fondness for NASCAR. This is not surprising – NASCAR is awesome. If you know someone from Dallas with a need for speed, taking them to the Texas Motor Speedway either to watch a race – or even to get behind the wheel of an amazing NASCAR stock car – is a gift that they’re guaranteed to never forget.

Billy-Bobs-Texas_300x240It’s not too much of a stretch to assume that Dallas people like them some barbeque. I mean, almost every non-vegetarian person in the world loves them some barbeque, but people from Dallas especially so. If you want to give a Dallasite (or two) a really memorable gift, throw them a barbeque party! Get the people they know and love together in one place, fire up the BBQ, and cook up a serious amount of marinated meat.

Did you know that Dallas came up with the frozen margarita? That’s enough reason in itself to celebrate with a frozen margarita – but on the off chance that your Dallas friend doesn’t have the equipment to rustle up a few of these, a blender and some tequila and mix should go down a treat!

Flyboard-North-Texas_300x240Dallas doesn’t have much in the way of water sports – or water, for that matter – so why not give them something special (in Dallas at least) with a bit of water-based action? Take them up to Grapevine Lake to try the most extreme new water sport out there, the jet-pack style flyboarding experience!

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