Expert Interview with High Adventure

High Adventure is an established Hang Gliding provider based in San Bernardino California. The company first began back in the early 80’s starting out as a two person team, but since grew in size as they teamed up with local talent. The High Adventure team provide USHPA Certified personalized instruction and service to all its customers. We recently had the pleasure of talking to Rob McKenzie, the original founder of the company, to find out a little more about the experiences they offer, and how he first established the company.


So we understand that High Adventure first formed in the early 80’s. Could you tell us how this came about, and what inspired you to form the business?

Shortly after moving to the United States from Canada in 1979 I was trying to make a living in some form or other related to hang gliding. I did work for other companies in hang gliding but ultimately the desire was to be self-employed. I met Dianne (my wife) in 1980 and we gradually started up the hang gliding tandem and instruction business throughout the 80s. By 1989 the business had grown strong enough to no longer need us to work other jobs and has been that way ever since.

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Wow, that’s very impressive that you and Dianna built the business from the ground up all by yourselves!

We notice you offer more than just Hang Gliding experiences, what would you say is the best thing about the experiences you offer?

The best thing is the variety of services. Whether it’s hang gliding repairs, parachute repacks, complete training or introductory tandem flights we are usually able to help out everyone who needs something related to hang gliding.


Do you have much competition in the area?

Actually our closest and only competition is Windsports, located 90 minutes west of us. We are not really that much different all in all. We usually ask customers where they are located and if Windsports is closer to them we send them there.


That’s nice that you help out your competitors. Would you say your experiences are suitable for everyone?

Hang gliding isn’t for everyone. It is what one might call a high risk, high reward activity. But for those that feel up to the thrill of hang gliding we are always here to help.


I can imagine it’s definitely an experience you would get a huge adrenaline rush from! One last question, what would you say is your personal favorite thing about the experience?

I suppose being able to land roll is my single favorite thing. For over 30 years we would land on our feet which carried with it a lot of extra risk of injury. But being able to simply stay laying prone and slide to a stop is a fun change to how we provide the tandem flights.



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