Perfect Gifts for Portland People

Portland HeaderHow to get the perfect gift for Portland people… well, you may or may not have realised it (you probably have) but Portland has, over recent years, become one of the most heavily and enthusiastically stereotypes cities in the States (you’ve got a lot to answer for, Portlandia). Now, we’re not saying everyone in Portland embodies the stereotypes that get bandied around, but there are definitely a lot of bearded, tattooed, vegetarian/vegan, dog owning, beer brewing, gluten intolerant, urban farming feminists in the place.

With that in mind, if you are looking for a little extra inspiration when buying gifts for your Portland peeps, just read on, and discover our little list of top tips for Portland gifts.

portland collageSomething for their dogs. Portland is renowned for being a super dog-friendly place, where it is not totally unheard of for people to have little umbrellas for protecting their dogs from the rain, or to push them round in strollers. There are 33 dog parks in the city, and it even has its own social network for dogs. If you are friends with one of those people, you’ll probably earn a special place in their hearts if you include their little hairy baby in your gift.

If they like gluten, get them some gluten. Because it seems to be pretty rare in Portland.

Portlanders love to cultivate. Whether you call it ‘Urban Architecture’, or ‘Homesteading’, or you’ve come up with some new cool hipster Portland name for it, the basic premise is the same – self-sufficiency where possible, organic food, grown and harvested by you. If your Portlander people are into that, a gift that facilitates it will be really appreciated. Maybe it’s a new veg box, a new chicken for their coop (or a new coop for their chickens), or a set of gardening tools – whatever you find for them, it’s a gift that will be not just cherished, but used.

It rains a LOT in Portland. This may be useful for all the home growers and urban farmers, but all those colourful vegetables come at a price – grey skies and a lot of constant drizzle. What this means though, is that people in Portland will always need cute raincoats and lovely umbrellas, and they can be a lovely gift to give. It does mean that an adorable watering can may not be the best gift for the cultivators mentioned above, but you got to take the rough with the smooth!

Portland is big on beer. If they are from Portland and big on beer, a brewery tour of some kind or a gift basket of some of the best beers available in the city (or all of the above) is an amazing gift. Add some awesome local produce to the hamper for an extra-special and extra-‘Portland’ vibe! Happy shopping…

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