Seattle Christmas Gifts

Seattle Christmas Gifts

Seattle, the Emerald City, is also known for its success as a coffee city. Home to one of the world’s most famous coffee shop chains, diners here expect excellent food to be followed by coffee of equal quality.

On Christmas day this year, which gifts will its residents be most impressed with? It’s unlikely to be the usual, conservative sweaters that get a mention, especially not when Seattle provides for so many activities, most of which can easily be given as Christmas gifts.

Food related gifts are always favorites. These can be lunch cruises, or guided visits to the market to look at all the fresh produce on offer. And for the real foodies who want to improve their own culinary skills, there are gift experiences of cooking lessons and even chocolate tours.

With its position on the Puget Sound, Seattle’s a city inspired by nature. Just a short boat ride and it’s possible to watch whales, sea lions and porpoises; or sail inland on one of the state’s beautiful rivers for a spot of fishing.

A gift experience gift box could contain a watersports adventure, a local Seattle helicopter flight, or a back to nature tour – all making the most of the state’s natural environment.

While not guaranteed snow, in Seattle it should be possible to see some on the peaks of the Olympic National Forest, and if it gets just a little cold, in Seattle there’s always a warm coffee to be had.

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