Steamboat Springs – A City of Olympians

Steamboat Springs, Colorado is the new home of Experience Days! We have packed up the New Jersey office and moved 2000 miles west to the little mountain town deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Steamboat is the perfect base for an experience gift company as we all thrive on getting out there and trying new activities, and Steamboat and the surrounding area is packed with exciting experiences for the team to get stuck into!

The love of the outdoors among Steamboats inhabitants is obvious with people everywhere on Mountain Bikes, carrying skis or towing rafts back from the river, and when you look at the beautiful and inspiring surroundings and world class ski resort, it’s easy to see why! Reinforcing this is the fact that a staggering 69 people currently living in Steamboat have represented five different countries and made 118 Olympic appearances during 16 Olympic Winter Games! That’s 1 in every 145 people in the entire town! The rich history of Olympians in the town dates back to 1909 when the famous Karl Howelsen relocated from Norway and improvised the first Ski Jump on a mine dump in the town. This kick started the town’s people’s interest in Skiing as a fun activity instead of just a method for getting around and the first Winter carnival was organised later that winter with Karl jumping 79 feet through the air in front of the mesmerized town.

Carl Howelsen (2nd from right) with other skiers, and Carl showcasing his jumping skills in 1909)

The local ski club, the SSWSC, is still one of the largest and oldest winter sports clubs in the USA and its coaches are passing on their years of experiences on to future Olympic hopefuls. Come the summer months there are also plenty of outdoor activities to keep even the most extreme of sports fans happy with dozens of mountain and river activities taking place throughout the warmer months.

Check out some of the experiences in our new home state of Colorado:

Biplane Ride Over Denver
Price: $345
Enjoy a 60 minute ride over Denver and the Rocky Mountains in either a aerobatic Pitts Special or an more nostalgic ride in a classic Biplane. So whether you choose an aerobatic thrill flight or a more relaxing ride in a classic plane, you are sure to be going for the ride of your life over the Mile High City. From snow covered mountains to luscious green prairie land in summer, no matter what time of year you take your flight the views will be spectacular!

Colorado Raft-N-Rail Adventure
Price: $105
Experience two fantastic activities in one with this white water rafting and train journey adventure in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. You and your group will make your way down the class II and class III rapids past wildlife in the air or on the steep canyon slopes. One you have safely reached the end of the rafting portion of the trip, you will board the train and embark on a ride down the scenic Royal Gorge Route for the 12 mile journey back to base, making this a great way to see some of the spectacular scenery in the Rockies.

Denver Wine Tasting 101 Class
Price: $129
For something a little more relaxing, this wine tasting lesson is the perfect way to experience some of the fine wines crated in Colorado. Held at a neighborhood restaurant, you’ll discover wine basics as a professionally trained Sommelier teaches you everything you need to know. There will be an array of tasty appetizers as you swirl, sniff, sip and savor the excellent wine. So whether you have had an action packed time in Rockies and looking or a more relaxing day, or just fancy getting to know some interesting tasting facts about wine, this is the experience for you.

Info Source: Colorado Ski History
Photo Source: Steamboat Today

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