Wedding Gift Guide

US Wedding HeaderLet’s just get this first and most important point out of the way – if the couple have registered, and if you know where they have registered, and you can afford to get them something from their registry, you simply buy them something from their chosen wishlist. Simple! You’re welcome…

US Wedding 1But it’s not always that simple, is it? Buying the perfect wedding gift can be a little stressful, even if the couple have registered somewhere. In fact, buying a gift from the registry list can prove to be just as tricky as thinking of something yourself, despite how simple a concept the registry is at face value. One of the main problems people have when buying wedding gifts from a list is that they can’t afford to buy anything on the registry, or that gifts on the registry that are within their budget are already gone by the time they get there.

And while a huge amount of couples now register at one or more stores, not all do, in which case you might feel a little out to sea when it comes to picking something for them. On that note, here are our top five tips for buying wedding gifts:

US Wedding 21. Let your relationship to the couple dictate how much you spend. Lots of people do the whole ‘calculating the cost of the plate’ thing, but really, if you were to follow that rule you might end up spending more on an extravagant couple you hardly know than on your less flashy, but closer-than-close best friends.

2. If you can’t afford anything on the register but you want to give something a little memorable, pool resources. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, pooling resources is the best way to get over budgetary issues, or concerns about giving gifts that you feel might look a little flimsy. Ask some friends who are going to the wedding too, and turn those wine glasses into a weekend getaway.

US Wedding 33. If you can’t find anyone to pool with, and you can’t afford anything that’s on the registry, then it’s ok to go a little bit rogue. Just a little, though! We suggest taking a look at the list again, and getting your clues from that. If they love Le Crueset and have asked for a matching set of red casseroles, get them a matching red lasagne dish.

4. Cash is king. Especially if it’s something they’ve gently hinted they’d like. If you can’t figure out where they’re registered, and you get the feeling that a monetary gift is preferred, don’t ask them directly. Ask family or other friends instead – it’s quite likely that they’ll be subtly spreading the word anyhow!

US Wedding 45. If they’ve not registered, you can have a little fun! But make sure to keep the couple in mind; think of what they’d like, not what you like. If you know where they’re going on their honeymoon, an awesome experiential gift certificate for when they get there is a great idea, or even something like champagne and a breakfast-in-bed at their hotel.

Happy shopping!



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