Win a $40 Papa Johns Gift Card on Twitter

hero_secondary-hero-why-us.indexedAfter our successful giveaway with Sephora and a glamourized customer, we wanted to continue rewarding the loyalty of all our fans! This time with pizza!
Our favourite father ‘Papa John’ is here to lovingly serve the lucky winner equal to 4 large pizzas this fall! Choose from a variety of tasty traditional pizzas- made using fresh dough and high quality ingredients. John started making and delivering pizzas in 1984 from knocking down the broom closet of his father’s tavern and setting up a small kitchen. The business has since boomed and is now owns over 4200 restaurants, giving you a wide range of restaurants to dine at!
23c83f68133a440172e5d8fad0b48141Our last giveaway for a Sephora Gift Card was run on Facebook and we received 145 responses. This time we have decided to launch the competition on Twitter instead to broaden our social media horizons. So take a slice of the social media pie and win yourself a delicious Papa John’s Gift Card with $40 in credit.
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Instructions to Enter the Competition:
It’s very simple.
1. Follow us on Twitter
2. Retweet the competition tweet

That’s it! You have now been drawn into the contest and have the chance of winning a $40 Papa John’s Gift Card. Good Luck and Happy Pizza eating!



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