Wondering what to buy the Baltimorian in your life?

baltimore headerHave you been wondering what to buy for the Baltimoran in your life? Well, sure, most gift ideas are going to be inspired by what you know about the person you’re buying for, and what you buy depends entirely on the person. And of course it’s never good to totally stereotype people – and we’re not for a moment suggesting that you ignore what you know about your loved ones in favour of our city gift suggestions, but if you’re looking for a little extra inspiration when buying for the Baltimorean in your life, read on.

We’ve compiled a mini, stereotype-filled Baltimore gift guide – a few little common traits and Baltimore treats, that may very well help you choose the perfect gift for the Baltimorean you love!


Food. Well, not just food… crab. You can, by all means, take your Baltimore friend out for a meal in the city. Everyone loves a great meal out – but before you go getting reservations at the city’s fanciest joint, take a step back. If there’s one kind of food that Baltimore knows, it’s blue crab, and you don’t need to be in a fine dining restaurant to enjoy it! You can be in a place where the tablecloths are yesterday’s Baltimore Sun and the napkins are a roll of paper towels, and have the perfect Baltimore gourmet experience.

Annapolis-Segway-Tour_300x240If they are the bookish type, there can only be one answer. Reader’s from Baltimore should all possess the works of Baltimore’s greatest – and one of the world’s creepiest writers. The inimitable Edgar Allen Poe is a Baltimore born and bred literary genius, and if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a Baltimore bookworm, this has to be it. Barnes & Noble have some great gift sets and collections of his work, so if you want to give them something really impressive that they will always treasure, this is one surefire way to do it. To really impress, create the full Poe experience with a trip to the Edgar Allan Poe house & museum.

Annapolis-Food-Tour_300x240They’ve probably seen it. Everyone has seen it. But a box set of David Simon’s incredible The Wire is surely always welcome. We’ve watched it three times already.

If they live in Baltimore, but they’re not from Baltimore, well, you might want to get them some kind of Baltimorean dictionary, because people from ‘Bawldmer’ practically have their own language. Ok, if they’ve been there more than a week they’re already probably calling everyone ‘hon’, but they might not understand that “goin’ downy ayshin” means ‘I’m taking a trip to Ocean City’.  Give them a helping hand!

If they’re from Baltimore, but they’re not living in Baltimore, give them a little taste of home with an awesome Baltimore care package! Our ideal Baltimore hamper would be full of things like… Utz potato chips, fudge dipper Berger cookies, a Ravens or Orioles jersey/poster, a yer’s supply of Old Bay seasoning, and plenty of Natty Boh (obviously)!



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