Top Chocolate Experiences For Easter 2017

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate, everybody loves chocolate – and with easter around the corner, what better excuse than to eat lots of it!

Why not spend an afternoon indulging and/or getting crafty with this beloved, mouth-watering treat, in time for Easter this year! Whether you go on your own or with someone else (or a group of you), you’re bound to learn a lot in the world of Chocolate.

Chocolate Making in Boston 

First stop, this luxurious Chocolate making experience in Boston. You’ll learn about the history of cacao, and learn exactly how different types of chocolate are made. Don’t know what to pair with white, milk or dark chocolate? – take this class to find out what’s best!

Chocolate Tour in San Fran

Next on the list, the Chocolate Tour of San Fran! Whether you’re a San Francisco local or simply visiting for the day, this tour for two will teach you and whoever is lucky enough to come along all about the ins and outs of chocolate. Learn about the harvesting process and history of the cocoa bean, whilst tasting various chocolates from a range of origins.

Chocolate Tasting in Portland

Now for the Portland show stopper – the chocolate tasting tour. This tour will open you up to the world of using chocolate in a variety of different ways. From cookies to muffins to truffles and cocktails, this tour will give you the chocolate feast of a lifetime.

Chocolate Tour in Seattle

Much like the San Fran chocolate tour, this experience gives you and a friend the scrumptious opportunity to tour the hidden gems of Seattle and taste an assortment of chocolates at a variety of shops. You’ll be visiting Tom Douglas’s Famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie & Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Mini Cupcakes & Rich Chocolate Brownies, A Hand-Crafted Chocolate Cocktail, Columbian Drinking Chocolate and much, much more.

Chocolate Tasting Tour in Los Angeles

LA is known for its culinary scene, and this tasting experience gives you the perfect opportunity to try out its chocolate gems. With mouthwatering stops along the way, you’ll be tasting everything chocolate Los Angeles has to offer – and you won’t be leaving empty-handed!

Chocolate Making Class in New York

Last stop – The Big Apple Chocolate making experience. This class will take you on a chocolate adventure, exploring your flavour choices and learning skills such as tempering, coating, and tasting. You’ll get to make your own truffles, choosing from white, milk and dark chocolate and also ‘build’ your own chocolate bar! This private class for you and one other is the perfect way to spend an afternoon indulging whilst learning at the same time.

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